How do I care for my Gear Club kit?

Your Gear Club kit features high quality fabrics and components. It’s designed to last long. However, there are a couple of simple things you can do to look after your clothing.

Washing advice

  • Washing a garment means putting stress on fabric and seams! Therefore, wash cycling garments separately from other clothes/accessories to prevent friction.
  • Before washing, turn the garments inside out (seams on the outside).
  • Machine-wash is possible but always good to use a wash bag, a delicate cycle and lukewarm water (max. 30° C).
  • Do not use bleachers and/or softeners. Use a well known brand name of mild liquid detergent.
  • Do not soak, wring or rub. Do not spin after washing. To remove excess water from your garment gently squeeze by hand.
  • Dry garments flat or hanging.  Do not tumble dry.

Storage advice

  • After each ride, hang the garments in a well-ventilated environment or wash them immediately.
  • Do not hang the garments in the direct sunlight.
  • Never store damp clothes in a non-ventilated environment (e.g. car, plastic bags, sport bag, suitcase, etc.).
  • If your body has a tendency to sweat a lot, water-rinse the garments after each use to protect the fibers from bacterial attacks which might lead to fabric deterioration.