Q1: Do you charge for extra colours?

A1: No we don't charge for extra colours. You can have as many colours as you like and the price remains the same.


Q2: Are there any setup fees or hidden costs?
A2: No, there are no setup fees or hidden charges. Our price list is all inclusive and we are upfront with you about all product and shipping costs.


Q3: Can you help design our cycling kit?
A3: Yes, no problem. If you require any assistance our design team are on hand to help you. To get things underway, a simple sketch will help us.  Please click here for design process.


Q4: What format should I send the logo in?
A4: To ensure you get the best quality design, we require high quality logos to work with. You can either send us a high resolution JPEG, Pdf or an Illustrator EPS file.  Most other formats are also accepted.


Q5: How do I know if the design is exactly what I want?
A5: We will forward you a proof upon completion of your design by email.  At this stage you can either approve the design or provide us with more feedback to refine your design.


Q6: Is there a custom design fee?
A6: No.There is no charge for designing and is offered free of cost.


Q7: What is the lead time for custom orders?
A7: Lead times are between 4 weeks approx from the date you approve the design proof and pay the deposit. 


Q8: What are the order quantity minimums for custom kit orders?
A8: Our order minimums are low as 10 pieces.  You can mix sizes and 2 items e.g 5 Shirt, 5 Bibshort 1 Skinsuits, 1 Gilet mixture of sizes.  We can make lower then 10 pieces which will cost extra, Please see price list.


Q9: What are the re-order quantity minimums for custom kit orders?
A9: Our re-order minimums are also low as 10 pieces mixture sizes.


Q10: What forms of payment do you accept?
A10: We accept cheques made out to "Gear Club Ltd" or you can do a bank transfer.  If you order online by CO-express this will allow you to pay by card also. 


Q11: What shipping service do you provide?

A11: We currently use Courier services and Dhl for UK and International shipments.


Q12: What if the item is faulty?

A12:We will replace or repair any item which has manufacturing fault.  Just return it to us with the description of fault.


Q13I would like a sample of the product(s) before I place an order

A13: No problem. Many first time Gear Club customers appreciate having the opportunity to review our products. As we are providing you with the samples of our products we will require them back once you have finished with them.   Please make sure you include your details as sender.


Q14: Can you match colors?

A14: There are literally thousands of colours to choose from which we select from a colour chart known as Pantone Matching System (PMS). We can help you select a colour, or if you know the colour you want simply tell us the PMS number.  You can also send us your existing clothing sample for us to match your colors.


Q15: How does Gear Club handle potential product problems?

Fabric piling

  • Fabric piling does not occur by itself. It always is the result of abrasion. Our advice is;
  • Do not use embroidered saddles.
  • Make sure the Velcro fastener of the saddle pocket does not touch the shorts
  • Saddle designs which expose the top part of your stem do cause "touching" and lead to piling.
  • Do not wash together with gloves, bags, rain jackets, etc. They usually feature Velcro straps which will rub against your material.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair piling and such problem is never a manufacturing defect.
  •  Zip breaks
  • Can happen, no problem. Please send in and we attach a new one.

Fabric deterioration

  • Sweat is toxic and can vary between individuals. It occurs because of bacterial attack. Due to their performance nature, Gear Club fabrics are delicate and deterioration eventually might occur. In order to minimise this problem, we recommend you water rinse the garment after each ride. Also, never store the garment moist or in a closed environment like a plastic bag. Please refer to our Washing care section for more advice.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair.